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3 Design Challenges when Powering High-end FPGAs & μProcessors Olimex iCE40HX8K-EVB FPGA with VGA & Keyboard Demo [en] HackadayPrize quarterfinals 2015: Arduino like ZYNQ FPGA Board BTU9P FPGA Mining Board/Card - ZP 14.2GHs The Cobo Vault Hack-Proof Series: Side Channel Attack and the Self-Destruct Mechanism

Posted in FPGA Tagged Altera, bitcoin, fpga. Post navigation ← Beautiful Modded NES For The 25th Anniversary Of Mega Man, Plus Bonus Interview! Raspberry Pi Housed Inside A Computer Monitor ... Hackaday wants all your Bitcoin Bitcoin, the solution to the two generals’ problem, an economic case study in the history of currency, and the reason AMD graphics cards were so expensive a few years ago, is now accepted in The Hackaday Store. Yes, we have a store, loaded up with swag, tools, and cool toys. We’re always stocking more If you have coin sitting around, you can pick up a great ... FPGA bitcoin miner is probably the most power efficient. October 5, 2014 – 15:17 [fpgaminer], [li_gangyi], and [newMeat1] have been working together for the last few months to build an FPGA bitcoin miner that blows GPU mining rigs out of the water in terms of power efficiency. The board requires only 6.8 watts for 100 Mhashes/second, but [li_gangyi]‘s blog says the team expects to hit 150 ... Open Source FPGA Bitcoin Miner. The first open source FPGA Bitcoin Miner, started back in May 2011. Photo is of one FPGA miner product I was involved in. How a Microcontroller Hiding in a USB Port Became an FPGA Hiding in the Same – Hackaday. 12/25/2018 by RSS POST Leave a Comment [ad_1] When you think of microcontroller development, you probably picture either a breadboard with a chip or a USB-connected circuit board. But Tim Ansell pictured an ARM dev board that is almost completely hidden inside of a USB port. His talk at the 2018 Hackaday ...

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3 Design Challenges when Powering High-end FPGAs & μProcessors

001 Introducing Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGA Evaluation Kit - ClockFabric ... HACKADAY 20,538 views. 38:37 . The Surprising Efficiency of Canal Locks - Duration: 10:37. Practical Engineering ... An Arduino Leonardo compatible set to 3.3V (Olimexino-32U4) shows up on COM5 (in my case) and is connected via UEXT cable to the FPGA. In Cmd.exe in Windows 10 in Downloads-folder: winiceprogduino ... How safe is your crypto? In 2018, hackers made away with cryptocurrency worth over $1.7 billion! They can use numerous techniques to extract sensitive information from a device, and one of them is ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue The result of testing on BTU9P 14/11/2018 FPGA mining board/card BTU9P by TUL. Bitstream : DigitalCruncher's Zen Protocol 650MH/s per core (max 23 cores) Hashrate (by pool) : ~14.23GH/s Number of ...