PayPal Finally Welcomes Bitcoin, More Cryptocurrencies

International Students


My stock study watchlist. would appreciate criticisms or red flags

- FB ecosystem
This is the stock that i believe is invested in the right places and has a path forward in the global market. I work as a React developer in fintech and I greatly enjoy their technology. The reason I stopped using snapchat was because I couldn't use it on low connection in Mexico, but Instagram worked marvelously. I use Whatsapp to stay in touch with my family in mexico and Facebook to stay in touch with my mom. There's something extremely powerful about that in my opinion.
They're conservative with their push and development of camera and VR technology which is wise in my opinion give the many opportunities that exist in that space. They're pushing along with fintech in India, again with small business through Whatsapp. And they provide a suite of customer services for small business and entrepeneurs.

- Microsoft
I think they will have a great run during the cloud era of software development. Their acquiring of Github AND NPM goes to show how in touch they are with developer servicing.

- Paypal
Paypal has a marvelous history and is a battle tested pioneer in the fintech space. I see them repeating their previous successes by acquiring Honey. I work with Honey in the fintech space and now I'm understanding that Paypal has an auto coupon scraper on my Amazon purchases while my Visa ones don't. This is the forward thinking I love from Paypal despite not being as flashy as Square.

- Disney
Disney is quintessential american entertainment. I believe their deep roots in American culture and the entertainment industry will provide a solid bedrock for them for the generations to come.

- Waste Management
Sanitation and environmental, like internet connection technology, are about the same when it comes to market penetration. It is a scarcity. Sanitation is a critical part of any society's development and wellbeing. I think WM will be there to benefit from increased urbanization and industriousness from technology and wealth growth.

- Kansas City Southern
I'm Mexican and my family are avocado farmers. I believe in the future prospects of Mexico and its relationship with its neighbors. Mexico is a bustling nation and many youth are international students that carry degrees. This is a far cry from having military policing streets in rural neighborhoods decades ago. Kansas city southern is part of the supply chain that connects Mexico to main industrious Mexican states like Monterrey, Jalisco, and Michaocan. I like rail in this regard because it's a lot of weight in one operation of heavy materials. So Canadians that use Mexican mining will also benefit from this railroad.
- Nintendo
I believe in the future of gaming as a market and if I were to take a shot at who would be the most stable, I would vote for Nintendo. Like Facebook, they approach the family unit and grow generationally. I love their curveball approach to gaming and I think that creativity, along with it's customers trust, will be something I can hold onto for a long time versus companies that have a history of developing games like Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Nintendo can take different forms: in the living room, at sweaty tournaments, online, mobile, on your phone, on a TV, in the movies, etc.

Closely watching
- United Health or Cigna
This is only going to grow and wont change due to American politics for 8 years at a minimum.
- Cisco
Same as Microsoft but for IT.
- Impossible Foods IPO
I've been vegetarian for 10 years and Impossible Burgers has been one of the most mindblowing experiences of my life. The product is phenomenal and on a league of its owned compared to Beyond Meat. IMHO Beyond taste like cheap school lunchroom burgers and Impossible tastes like something I would be excited to feed my family. If their pork products are great then I am ALL in because Chicken products are by far the easiest thing to replicate. I'm extremely excited about this product.
- Visa
They make a ton of money on transactions. I saw them hiring for blockchain development so it leads me to believe that they're adapting.
- Square
I work in the fintech space and I like their modest approach to financial services. Their acquiring of a bank charter is actually incredibly important due to all the procurement and legal processes that go behind being a fintech company (abiding by federal security laws, etc). The one reason I like Chase banking is because I enjoy their app. I see Square as a competitor to Chase, surprisingly.
- Apple
Apple designs its products with customer service in mind. I think the future of education technology will likely go to Apple because of this. Their screens and cameras are wonderful and I can see them pioneering computer vision products because of this. They are THE American Tech company.
- TMobile
Aggressive as hell and grew to be a large player through savvy moves across time. Their customer service is a highlight for me.
Customer service for banking is unmatched IMO. If any legacy banker will make it across changes, I believe Chase is doing what it takes to adapt and think forward.
- Planet Fitness
$10 gyms, clean, and casual enough for the general population. You can't beat $10 gym membership when you're broke as fuck. I've been a heavy lifter before and still used Planet fitness in my transitions across states and whatnot. I need to look at their numbers more closely.
- Volkwagen
I trust Europe and Japan to take EVs more seriously. I don't know who will seriously come close to competing with Tesla in the long run but they'll have to.
- Panasonic
Panasonic, much like AMD, did not immediately reflect the value of what they have produced. AMD did not explode inline with bitcoin or cheaper GPU consumption, in the same way Panasonic did not reflect a massive spike in price after speculation in Tesla grew. They're an important arm to the EV market that spreads across many players ranging from Tesla to Toyota to big tech.

- Lyft
I think Lyft's focus on customer service and regional clientele will pay off against Uber, who is growing too quickly and spreading thin. Lyft will benefit from the development of computer vision and Big tech's interest in automanufacturing.

- Crypto (Bitcoin or XRP)
I like crypto as a technology as a software engineer. I see the value in a faster process for procuring and exchanging legal tender that does not have to go through the bottleneck of the ACH process or through legal issues like the PATRIOT ACT or the Bank Secrecy Act. It still fundamentally respects those laws without the frustrations of banking service bottlenecks. I think the halvening protocol has an interesting affect on Bitcoin and supply and the market that it's trying to generate.

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Some questions, concerns and excitements

I have been around this sub since July and I am always so happy to see quality discussions going on here. Usually I don’t have an urge to write a post because I find all my questions and curiosities are answered on the posts, but I have some new questions, concerns and excitements so here I am. I am excited for you to share your thoughts and I hope this post adds to the community.
Some questions (with my attempts to answer them)
Q1) Ethereum and OmiseGo: Is Ethereum dependent on OmiseGo’s success as much as OmiseGo is on the success of Ethereum?
Critics of Ethereum often bring up two arguments 1) Ethereum won’t be able to handle increasing network traffic 2) Ethereum’s gas fee structure will make it fail
OmiseGo(+Plasma) can come solve both of these problems. 1) Plasma will enable off-chain transactions, reducing network traffic dramatically 2) Users and developers of dapps on the mainnet will be able to pay for the transactions that need the utmost security possible when the Plasma is active, and in any currency they want to pay when the OmiseGo network is alive.
What do you think? Will it be possible for people to pay USD for the Gas on Ethereum network?
Q2) Liquidity: How will OmiseGo provide enough liquidity as it becomes the most universally used DEX in the world?
When I read OmiseGo white paper and interviews of their advisors and team members, their goal is clear and bold: To become the DEX of the planet. But to achieve this, you will need a lot of liquidity. In the previous TownHall, Jeremy mentioned that they are working with banks, and actively looking for more partners to provide this liquidity.
But why will a bank with a lot of liquidity put it on the OmiseGo network? In my opinion, banks will only do so to yield more profit than putting the money into something else. Then, the liquidity providers might take a bigger portion of the fees than we might expect. Or is there another reason why they will provide liquidity?
Note: On the white paper, it writes “By bonding Ethereum into a smart contract [5] (or Bitcoin-like tokens into bonded clearinghouses), it is possible to lock up Ether onto the activity of the OMG chain to allow for eWallet pairs to occur over Ether or other cryptocurrencies, creating a liquid market (if every pair crosses with ETH, spreads would be much smaller provided low currency volatility).” But who would provide enough Ethereum to provide liquidity for the network?
I have no domain knowledge or experience in this. Could anyone with such knowledge oand experience shed some light on this? Current crypto exchanges are centralized and OmiseGo is a completely different animal, actually transmitting the value for each transaction, real-time. Right now, I can’t wrap my head around this, and I hope we can help each other :)
Q3) Won’t users of less available/popular currency suffer?
Here is a scenario I have in my mind: Let’s say you live in Kenya and receive Kenyan shillings for your salary. You go online and try to buy some stuff with KSH, and the online store you use often just started using OmiseGo network. But the KSH demand on the network is so low that you see you pay almost double of what you used to pay.
What flaws does my scenario have? How can this be solved?
With questions on the board, let me share 2 concerns I have for OmiseGo
C1) No activity on GitHub
I go on their GitHub, and there is near zero activity. I know they have recently released Plasma MVP, and that they are going through closed beta for the SDK. Is that why they don’t share any of their software development on GitHub? Will February open beta release come with lots of open source codes?
I am not familiar with how software open source/ open beta work, so this might be a dumb question. If you have some background in software development, please shed some light on this!
(I actually wrote a semi-long answer to someone else’s post on same concern (“Where is the development update from omisego team”). It’s kinda ironic that I am bringing up this concern now, but I want to hear your thoughts and broaden my perspective anyway.
C2) Amazon and other big stores coming together to create their own coin
I am not worried about other cryptos that advertise as ‘the coin’ to be used as the medium for value transmission, such as stellar, miners, bitcoin cash or ripple, etc. If OmiseGo builds highways, these are just ‘better vehicles’ to transport people.
But what if a large portion of value that will be transmitted through OmiseGo network, online payment transactions, makes their own coin and just frees themselves from 3rd payment processing logistics? Would it be hard for Amazon to create their own coin that can be only used for the products they offer, and use that reduced 3~4% tx cost to offer better price for people? Why wouldn’t Amazon do this?
If you have some retail, online payment experience or knowledge, please help!
C3) Why traditional exchanges will not convert to OmiseGo, and why it doesn’t matter I had this concern, but jv2222 provided a great insight onto this matter, and cured me of my fear. I just wanted to share his post for those who missed it. It is a great read.
Okay, now concerns are also on the board…
Reading this far, you must be an OmiseBro/OmiseSister (although I have not met many female crypto investors, I know you are out there, OmiseSistas!), cuz this post is quite long, and you are still here.
So let me share why I am very excited about OmiseGo.
E1) If OmiseGo delivers, not only early investors will secure a juicy source for ‘semi-passive income’, but also contribute to transforming how we humans transmit values.
You probably understand why you, an early investor, will be very happy when OmiseGo delivers. For the second part of my excitement, let me digress a bit and tell you some of my abroad stories.
In 2015, I went to Kenya to live and run with Kenyans, the best runners on Earth (I was in love with the art of running, and wanted to see how they do it). It’s been almost 2.5 years, but I still cherish the memories and what I’ve learnt there (If you are a runner, take a moment to appreciate graceful and beautiful running in this video which I filmed in Kenya here).
After the trip, I still keep in touch with athletes and coaches I interviewed, and I regularly help out some of them through PayPal or Wave. But working in Korea makes it very hard for me to share financial value with them. PayPal doesn’t support KRW (currency of Korea) nor Wave. Every time I want to send some money, I ask my girlfriend if she needs some KRW, and asks her to send me equivalent USD to my PayPal or directly send to my friends in Kenya through Wave. This is very time-consuming and frustrating. It really doesn’t have to be this way.
When OmiseGo network is alive, in theory, I can just put in my KRW on the network, and they can cash out Kenyan shillings. No 3rd party that takes +1% fees. No need to wait +10 minutes. Done.
Furthermore, I have some Starbuck’s points and airline mileage that I don’t really need. So I want to also send that over to a high school that I support in Kenya. With a few clicks on my phone, the transaction is done, and these points will help some of the students to get their first running shoes.
How amazing is this? Providing a network/pool where all the ‘values’ on Earth, across borders of countries and cultures, can be shared and transmitted instantly.
E2) The tokenization of any assets
In November, 2017, Gramatik, a famous DJ in the international club and festival scene, raised $9M in his GRMTK Token ICO.The owners of GRMTK tokens receive portions of the revenue Gramatik produces through his music, films, and concerts.
Singular DTV was behind this, but with OmiseGo network, anyone can tokenize their asset, talent, and creativity, and secure much more sustainable way to maintain their practice.
This can be great for athletes, musicians, fine/performance artists, racing drivers, chess prodigies, and so on. I am very excited for this part of OmiseGo network because many of my close friends are musicians and I see a lot of money being taken away from them by Music Rights Protection Organizations, Distribution companies and Entertainment companies. You will be super surprised, or even appalled, by how much Korean idols actually make through their music. Middlemen take a great bite out of every creativity and work. It’s brutal.
Tokenization will also help other businesses that could only rely on traditional source of funds. Restaurants, museums… any small to medium sized businesses can now focus more on their work, than securing funds. What’s also cool is that, OmiseGo releasing their White-label wallet SDK, will enable developers around the world to create apps to enable all of these… put them into many niche markets that we don’t even imagine OmiseGo can be applied to.
E3) Please share your excitements!
Above two excitements are very personal ones for me, being a lover of running and having friends who are suffering in the very centralized structure.
I want to ask, what are you most excited about the project? Why?
Thank you for reading this far, and I hope this was entertaining and stimulating at the same time.
Edit: some typos
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