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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

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speculation in the price of Bitcoins

Speculation is to profit from short or medium term fluctuations in the market.

Kramer starts taking avid interest in Bitcoin ever since a Coinsource Bitcoin ATM has opened in the neighborhood, to the extent he converts all his cash into Bitcoin. He considers old cash money tyrannical, and a way for government to control our lives. George buys one Bitcoin on Kramer's advice.

George turns his $6.5k into $13k in just a few months, starts dressing up as if he's a wall street billionaire. Also starts telling ladies he's a big shot and his average return on investments is 200%. Jerry wants to invest but misses out on the train because he made a joke on Bitcoin and called it worthless several months ago and he can't go back on his word. Elaine meets a Bitcoin millionaire on Tinder, when she finally meets him in person it turns out he's a 19 year old kid who lives in his parent's basement and got lucky when he mined a ton of Bitcoin years ago. Elaine is conflicted.
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Should I buy one bitcoin now ?

Hi guys
I've approx. 3500 dollars to spend. According to you, is it pertinent to spend it on bitcoin today ?
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Looking to buy one bitcoin, paying cash, can meet in person at the downtown coffee shop. NO SCAMMERS WELCOME.

I want to buy one bitcoin please bring it in bank envelope it is a present for my girlfriend so NO SCAMMERS PLEASE
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Finally could afford to buy one bitcoin

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What happens if you buy one bitcoin?

Like, do you get a certificate you download, or?
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Planning on buying one Bitcoin in the next hour

Is there any other crypto worth buying instead?

So my post won't get removed for low word count :
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Looking to buy one bitcoin as a casual long-term investment - when's best to buy?

The sooner the better or are we expecting a drop in prices anytime soon?
And where would I be able to keep track of any fluctuations so I can buy it at the optimum time?
I'm based in the UK so thinking of buying it from an ATM, unless there's a better cheaper way?
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Should i buy ONE bitcoin or 12 Etherium ?

İ think the title says it all... dads giving me just enough to invest in one BTC or 12 ETC As of todays prices... what would be a better Lomg term investment! ETH seems very promising in growth. İm predicting one eth will be 500+ USD within the next 6 months. On the other hand theres alot of speculations that BTC will be worth 10K PER coin within the next 3 yrs so with predictions within the next 5 years what do you think is better? Owing 12 THC ot 1 BTC ... also can we talk about the youtube videos that actually believe one BTC will be worth 1M WTF!
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Just want to buy one bitcoin and forget about it for 20 years.

Best way to do this?
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Buying one Bitcoin a paycheck, no matter what.

We are at a level of stability where it finally makes sense to apply traditional financial sense to Bitcoin.
If you are a student of sound financial practices, there is golden advice to always pay yourself first..
For most of us who have full time jobs in the first world, it would be difficult to part with $200 to $400 twice a month, but not impossible. If this amount simply can't be done on your budget, then settle for a lesser amount - but push yourself. Too often we fill our lives with useless luxuries and frivolous purchases we don't really need.
The important part is to buy the Bitcoin immediately after you get your check. Put it away, and pretend it no longer exists - just like traditional savings.
Don't gamble with margin, don't try to strategically sell out and time the market, and don't go all-in on random alt coins. Take 20% of your crypto holdings and diversify into other reputable projects if you must but the focus here is on sound financial practices.
So you buy, and you hold. It's like a savings account, but it might also make you very wealthy one day.
If you had done this since December of last year, you would already have 25 bitcoins and would be up nearly 50% added value on your savings. Who knows if these particular prices will last another year, so the time to start this savings plan is now.
Good luck everyone - I've been in crypto for a year and it's been an amazing ride... Even though the price hasn't moved. Saving money has been fun for the first time in my life, and I look forward to clicking that 'buy' button with every spare dollar I get. I know that the uncertainty of Bitcoin might be a little scary, but buy buying a little bit each check you are defaulting to the average price for a year - preventing you from having the frustrating experience of buying a lot at once and watching your savings drop in value.
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Buy One Bitcoin And Forget About It

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Ceo Of Pantera Capital Says Buy One Bitcoin, Get Two For Free - Ads and Promos - ITalkMoney | HYIP and Forex Forum

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From zero to purchase, which is the fastest, most reliable way to buy one bitcoin today?

New BTC investor here with enough money for one full bitcoin, barring another huge run in the coming days. I started the account opening process at both Coinbase and Kraken in case one takes longer than the other... but it seems like there a bunch of posts on this subreddit lately expressing frustration with both of those (and other popular exchanges) on how unreliable they are taking deposits.
I know this is somewhat of a fluid answer, but are there any exchanges right now that you all would recommend to fund an account and buy one full bitcoin? Even if the Coinbase process goes off without a hitch, they seem to have pretty low limits for new users that would make this a multi-week process... and Kraken apparently has no one manning the customer service phones.
Thanks in advance, y’all.. lookin forward to joining team BTC
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Charlie Lee: Buy One Bitcoin Before Any Other Cryptocurrency

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Best way to buy one bitcoin as an investment?

Hello, I want to invest into bitcoin by buying one bitcoin. What would be the best and easiest way to do that? And what kind of payment method would be used? Thank you!
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[CCN] - The World’s Most Valuable Banknote Is (Barely) Enough to Buy One Bitcoin

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The World’s Most Valuable Banknote Is (Barely) Enough to Buy One Bitcoin

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Buy One Bitcoin And Forget About It

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Worlds Most Valuable Banknote Is Enough to Buy One Bitcoin

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Can I buy one bitcoin from an ATM today or would a daily limit at the ATM prevent this?

As the title says, would I be prevented from buying one bitcoin at a bitcoin ATM because of a daily limit?
If yes, how are people buying a moderate amount of bitcoin anonymously other than through a private transaction?
Thank you
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Can I buy one bitcoin from an ATM today or would a daily limit at the ATM prevent this? /r/BitcoinBeginners

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Should I buy one Bitcoin?

I've been watching Bitcoin price increase in the past 2/3 weeks, it started in U$S200 and now is U$S475, I'm in Argentina and the dollar here is like gold, just one dollar is six times our currency (U$S1=$6). I'm seriously considering buying one bitcoin just to test, but it's a lot of money, is it now the time to buy it or should I wait?
Also, I'm not well informed about everything going on with this currency (buy, sell, using it IRL, etc), but I firmly think it's the future. I also read about mining, but I don't have the hardware to do it. I did use the test miner applet and with my 5770 I think I could generate just 0.001 BTC in one day or something like that haha, crazy...
Any advice?
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Buy 1 Bitcoin How to Buy Bitcoins? (4 different methods reviewed) - YouTube SHOULD YOU BUY 1 BITCOIN OR 32 ETHEREUM IN 2020??? - YouTube How to Buy 1 Bitcoin - YouTube HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 - Easy Ways to Invest In ...

How to: Onecoin kaufen. Wege zum Kauf von ONE: Direkt kaufen Krypto-Zertifikate Onecoin CFDs ⚠️ Das müssen Sie wissen bevor Sie in ONE investieren! Simple, Buy Bitcoin when everyone else is panic selling. You’re going to look like a genius 5 years from now when one bitcoin becomes a million bucks. This one simple rule will help you accumulate lots of Satoshis. (one bitcoin contains 100 million Satoshis) Bitcoin is a game of accumulation. Whenever there’s a sale going … Coinbase is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Based in the USA, Coinbase is available in over 30 countries worldwide. One bitcoin will buy you some serious mileage: you can fly Delta from LaGuardia to Shanghai and back for a little over $1,100. (See also, 8 Ways to Score a Cheap Flight.) 6. 3 to 6 Ounces of Weed ... Сurrent Harmony / Bitcoin Core exchange rate, Real-time market data: buy & sell rate, charts, order book

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Buy 1 Bitcoin

This video explains how to execute a simple buy order on an exchange. In this case we’re using the Kraken Pro interface to buy 1 Bitcoin (BTC). In this examp... HOW TO BUY BITCOIN - Tutorial For Beginners - Where to Buy Bitcoin ★ BUY BITCOIN HERE http://iqopts.com/bitcoin ★ TRADE OTHER CRYPTO http://iqopts.com/cr... HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2020 - BEST Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners! (UPDATE) Get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of cryptoc... In this episode, you’ll discover the various different methods on how to buy and sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel ... Support our channel by using the Brave browser, browse up to 3 times faster, no ads, get rewarded for browsing: http://bit.ly/35vHo0M Here’s a quick guide fo...