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New potcoin user / programmer need some pot to get started!

My address: PMAxw15nahsgbdjHu3evcmXFwBauy2wGAh
The beg: Hey guys , I am currently working on a faucet rotator script you can opt in/out of faucets and it keeps a nice timed log of the ones you have visited. One of the currency's that took my interest was potcoin! I ended up on this subreddit and was reading through some threads. At the time I was also in a bitcoin chatroom and asked some people in there what a good currency was apart from btc/doge/litecoin and this was suggested. As I was already reading about potcoin at the time and with the suggestion given to me I decided potcoin is for me.
I noticed there is not many potcoin faucets I can add to my list right now and I think that is because there is not many advertising networks that actually pay out site owners in potcoin. The trend seems to be to have a faucet with bitcoin ad links and then convert the bitcoin to potcoin. I am also going to code a open source potcoin faucet and offer anyone who uses it free space in my rotator to try and get things rolling on the faucet side of things!
Here is a screenshot of my faucet rotator , it is work in progress still but you get the idea:
A unique feature of my rotator is that after joining you can input all 4 of your currency addresses and receive 100% commission off anyone who surfs using your refferal link. But I can only do that with 90% of the links , e.g: If a faucet uses the format www.some faucetsite.com/refid=walletadress then you will receive the commission as I can swap out my adress with yours , if however a site does not use that format and instead uses something like www.myfaucetsite.com/refid=12 I get the commission. But that only does happen on very few sites! This will inturn pay people to send my site traffic and get people viewing potcoin who would not normally know about it.
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Submit your faucet to cryptator.com

Hi, I'm the creator of Cryptator.com, a multicryptocurrency faucet rotator(Dogecoins/Litecoins/Bitcoins) featuring the best and most rewarding faucets + some nice features which are currently in the work. No nasty scripts, no empty faucets, no disabled ones, everything is checked and updated once a week.
If you wish to add your own faucet to the list, feel free to answer this message, there are thousands of users every day waiting for it.
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Bitcoin Faucet Rotator Script. Bitcoin faucet rotator script is use to create a bitcoin faucet rotator. It is very easy to make. You can also change how it looks. The fonts, images and the logo. The number of faucet links that can be place in the rotator is up to you. See more: faucet rotator script php, freebtc faucet, bitcoin faucet script github, free faucet script, bitcoin faucet rotator software, create your own faucet rotator, bitcoin faucet github, how to make a bitcoin rotator, faucet rotator, i want a developer to create a web page n application, how i can hire developer, how do i find a developer to create me an app, hire to create app game ... Step by Step Tutorial how to Start or create own Faucet, PTC, Url Shortener Website With These Script Download free and paid Script Monetize a bitcoin faucet 2020 . instant paying with faucetpay, expresscrypto, paypal, ethereum, dogecoin. Another way you can monetize your faucet is through affiliate/referral links. Biggest free Bitcoin / Dogecoin / Litecoin / DASH faucets rotator list in the world. ... add new sites to the system (if it not in the system yet), and to be aware of the characteristics of each bitcoin faucet site. We are constantly improving. Our news. 12-12-2019, 16:56 System update - FaucetHub is closed. FaucetHub was replaced with new micro payment systems, FaucetPay.io, ExpressCrypto.io ... Bitcoin faucet rotator script is an open source which you can use for free. If you know how to code you can add different kinds of altcoins and not only make bitcoin rotator. You can add bitcoin cash, bitcore,

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Creat your own bitcoin faucet rotator with blogspot

How to creat your own faucet rotator creat your own faucet rotator with blogspot just follow my video And enjoy Ref / Ads Earning For Downloading Tamplate and Script Must use BRAVE for script to work! Download start here - https://brave.com/ner904 https://discord.gg/E3JHR8V Twitter - @NerdyDudeStuff The browser I use in t... Bitcoin Faucet Bot Make 1 BTC Per 2 Day 100% Working link youtobe : https://goo.gl/P1rbkQ facebook ; https://web.facebook.comđạt.nguyễn.9699523 comment for help bitcoin faucet list rotator, free bitcoin faucet automatic collector, free bitcoin faucet app collector, free bitcoin faucet collect alternative, bitcoin faucet best, bitcoin faucet collector ... EObot acelerar ganhos de BitCoin - Rotator Dogecoin - Duration: ... Crear una faucet de bitcoins ,usando el Script de faucetbox en un servidor local - Duration: 46:04. Trollerman Channel 10,898 ...